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St James & Emmanuel Academy Trust

St James & Emmanuel Academy Trust

St James and Emmanuel Academy Trust

The St James and Emmanuel Academy Trust has responsibility for four local schools. See the Trust website:

It provides the leadership and governance of all the schools within the multi academy trust. Currently this is Didsbury CE, St Elisabeth's CE, West Didsbury CE and St Wilfrid's CE Primary Schools. The Trust is run by three distinct groups. Each of these groups is made up of representatives from the four institutions who uphold the Christian faith foundation of all the schools within the Trust. Please click here to see the Trust information page on the Church website.

The three groups are the Members, the Trustees and the Local Governing Bodies. The Members and Trustees are all representatives of either St James and Emmanuel Church, St Elisabeth's CE Church, St Wilfrid's CE Church or the Manchester Diocesan Board of Education.  The Local Governing Bodies have a majority representation from these four institutions but also include parent, staff and community representatives. Please note that St Elisabeth's CE has a greater number of community governors than our other schools because it was a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School not a Voluntary Aided School. A number of the governors labelled as PCC are actually community governors, as St Elisabeth's CE has 3 Church foundation governors.

The Members

The Members are legally and financially accountable for the performance of the schools in the Trust and for the overall financial viability of the Trust. For their full legal obligations and powers, please see the "Articles of Association" below.

The Members are the minister of St James and Emmanuel Church, the minister of St Wilfrid's CE Church, the minister of St Elisabeth's CE Church, a Manchester Diocesan Board of Education representative and another representative from the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St James and Emmanuel Church. The St James and Emmanuel PCC is well represented, as it was the founding body of the first school to open within the Trust.

The Members delegate a number of key strategic responsibilities to the Directors and the Members meet annually to hold the Directors to account.

Trust Structure


  • Nick Bundock, St James & Emmanuel CE incumbent 
  • Greg Mauchline, St James & Emmanuel CE PCC
  • Paul Good, Diocesan Board of Education 
  • Andrew Bradley, St Wilfrid’s CE incumbent
  • Angie Stanton, St Elisabeth's CE incumbent


  • Nick Bundock, St James & Emmanuel incumbent 
  • Paul Good, Diocesan Board of Education, Chair of DCE
  • Miriam Jones, Human Resources PCC
  • Sarah Storey, Finance CFO (not a trustee)
  • Felicity Bradley, Chair of WDCE
  • Geoff Stevenson, St Wilfrid’s PCC
  • Lee Jamieson, Chair of St Elisabeth's 
  • Jo Lynch, PCC
  • Matt Whitehead, Executive Head
  • David Finch, PCC
  • Ian Cole, PCC

Local Governing Bodies (known as Governors)

Title          Didsbury CE West Didsbury CE St Wilfrid's CE St Elisabeth's CE
Chair (PCC) Paul Good Felicity Bradley Andrew Bradley Lee Jamieson
Vice Chair (PCC) Matt Lee Paul Good Geoff Stevenson  Angie Stanton
PCC  Cat Arundale Lucy Noden Carolyn Macdonald  Alison Mitchell
PCC Abbie East Carole Shaw Matt Croxall Kate Dean
PCC John Janulewski Karen Michael Paul Good Ruth Gent
Staff Emma Hooson Julia Heatley Mandy Dhaliwal Vancancy
Head of School Simon Ball Hannah Large Helena Miller Bev Burrows
Exec Head Matt Whitehead Matt Whitehead Matt Whitehead Matt Whitehead
Elected Parent Philip Robinson Anne-Marie Sarantis Chiome Ibe Janet Hodgson
Elected Parent Kate Catling Zaheer Saleem Kate Meredith Vacancy
Community(PCC) Joyce Thom  Tom Studman Adam Hossen Vacancy
Co- opted Nick Bundock Carole Shaw Susanne Budgett Vacancy

The Trustees

There are ten Trustees, eight of whom are directly appointed representatives from St James and Emmanuel Church, St Wilfrid's CE Church, St Elisabeth's CE Church and the Manchester Diocesan Board of Education, along with the Executive Headteacher, who is a direct appointment of the Members.

The Trustees take strategic decisions to improve performance across all four schools and to maximise economies of scale across all four schools.

The Trustees meet formally together once a term, but also have extra meetings with the Trust's auditors to ensure that all the accounting regulations are adhered to.

The Local Governing Bodies

Each Local Governing Body meets every half term with a focus solely on their individual school's performance . Over the course of the year, they will meet with children and staff to discuss and monitor the key curriculum improvement areas for the school based on the School Improvement Plan. They look at work in books, question the children and staff about new initiatives and report back to all the Trustees via the Chair at the termly Trustees' meetings.

For more information on their role, please see the Local Governing Body page on this website.

All our Members, Trustees and Governors have to declare their pecuniary interests at the beginning of every meeting and confirm their eligibility to stand in public office annually.

All our Members, Trustees and Governors have current enhanced DBS checks.