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St James & Emmanuel Academy Trust

St James & Emmanuel Academy Trust

Key Documents

Please click on the links below for our key documentation:

Company Certificate

Articles of Association

Scheme of Delegation

Interpretation guide to our Scheme of Delegation

Funding agreements for each school:

Didsbury CE 

St Elisabeth's CE

St Wilfrid's CE 

West Didsbury CE

Academy orders for each school:

Didsbury CE

St Elisabeth's CE

St Wilfrid's CE

West Di​​​​dsbury CE

Annual Trustees Reports and Audited Accounts:

Academic Year 2015-16

Academic Year 2016-17

Academic Year 2017-18

Academic Year 2018-19

Academic year 2019-20

Academic year 2020-21

Trustee's Pecuniary Interest Forms 2018-19

Trustee's Pecuniary Interest Forms 2019-20

Trustees Pecuniary Interest Forms 2020-21

Salary information

Higher Paid Staff 

Note 9c to the Trust’s financial statements for the year ended 31 August 2020 sets out the number of employees whose salary and other taxable benefits (excluding employer pension costs) exceeded £60,000 during that year.  This note has been extracted from those financial statements and is reproduced below:

The number of employees whose employee benefits (excluding employer pension costs) exceeded

In the band                                  Number 2021 Number 2020
£60,001 -£70,000             3             2
£70,001 -£80,000              1             1
£100,001 -£110,000              0              1
£110,001 -£120,000               1              0

Data Protection Information

ICO model publication scheme

Didsbury CE Privacy Policy

St Elisabeth's CE Privacy Policy

West Didsbury CE Privacy Policy

St Wilfrid's CE Privacy Policy

Key Policies

Whistleblowing Policy

Trust Equality and Diversity statement

Trust Strategic Plan